Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Matt's 1st Backpacking Trip

It's been so fun to have "first" things with Matt as he's grown over the last 15 months. Just about everything is a first, but it's exciting as a parent to see the excitement in Matt for a new activity or experience. So Thursday night we drove up to our favorite mountains, the Uintahs. We packed in a whooping .5 miles to Fehr Lake and setup camp that night. Matt absolutely loved being carried in his backpack, playing in the dirt, and throwing rocks. We watched Josh fish for a while. We played at our campsite and fun around the fire. I know its hot and its summertime, but a fire is an absolute must (if allowed) when camping. Plus, it helped smoke all the buggies away.

We walked around the Fehr lake, its was gorgeous and fun to be in the outdoors. Josh gets this like primal, manly energy when he is in the mountains. He wants to scout out the area, fish, climb around, basically anything but sit and relax (which is what I love to do on our backpack trips). He is the happiest guy in the world when he is outdoors.

Matt didn't sleep the best in his sleeping bag, didn't let him roll around easily. So we weren't very rested when the sun came up at 6am Friday. But we ate breakfast, and packed up for our hike to Shepard Lake. It was about another mile from our camp, but it was all downhill going (uphill coming back, ahhh). It was worth the effort. There was a waterfall that fed into the lake, which was significantly bigger than Fehr Lake. Josh fished for a bit and caught 3 or 4 brookies. It was so much fun for him, he hasn't fished in ages! Matt liked watching Josh fish and would point to his rod like he wanted to hold it and cast himself. Matt got to hold onto the rod when a fish was on the line and Dad pulled it in. Then Josh held the fish close so Matt could get a feel. Look at his poor, dirty hands in the picture. My baby loved the dirt soooo much! I could only wash and wipe those hands so much while camping. Anyways, we had a great first experience with Matt and backpacking. Who knows, there might be another one in store this summer for him!?!? P.S. Josh has been growing his mustache out for 2 weeks, a buddy dared him. (Thanks Mike!) So that is the reason his upper lip looks shady and dirty looking. It is gone now, WOO HOO!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

July At Our House

Here's whats been going on at our house this month:

Matt eats adult food spaghetti all by himself for the first time....what a mess!

Matt figured out he could throw all of his stuffed animals and blankets out of his crib. This is the first of such daily episodes. He was mad that I wouldn't pick him back up to rock him back to sleep after he woke up a few minutes into his nap...so to show me how mad he was he threw everything in reach (which is usually how he shows his temper). I thought this was so hilarious that I grabbed the camera and then he thought it was a fun game to throw things out. And of course, I picked him up and gave him love.This was Matt helping dad work around the house. Guess who Matt looks up to? (haha, cheesy joke)

The headlamp was so much fun to wear, Matt had to have to see his cheerios the next morning.

We celebrated Rob's 30th birthday with his family and a game of kickball. It was a blast!

Josh and Matt after kickball. Matt has a hilarious expression and no, thats not sweat running down his forehead, its water.

We went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple Open House. It is a gorgeous temple and we are so blessed to have it within 2 miles of our house!

Matt helping dad water the flowers in the yard. He is such a good helper.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Too much fun in Jamaica

We just got home from our 10 day family vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica. We went with Josh's parents, his 3 brothers and their families. It was an absolute blast! We had sunny, warm weather everyday and it only stormed twice at night. The water was bright turquoise and crystal clear! A couple beaches we went to were the epitome of Carribean beaches: white, soft sand and warm clear water. You could walk for a while out into the ocean and it would only get waist deep. We got our fill of swimming in between the ocean and our hotel pool. Matt loved swimming and would point to any body of water we went passed and grunt like "Hey mom and dad take me swimming!". He had this yellow baby float and some foam balls that entertained him for hours in the water.

We had 2 rental vans the whole time so we made lots of excursions out and about the island. Jamaicans drive on the left side of the road, so Josh got the nerve racking experience of leading the way through narrow streets and backwards (to Americans) round abouts. He did a great job driving though, and by the end of the week he didn't have to think so hard behind the wheel. There were some key phrases we learned: " Ya, mon.", "Respect, mon", "Its Jamaica, no rush mon", "No problem, mon" , "You want to PARTY?" this meant do you want to buy my drugs! The people at our hotel were so kind and helpful and easily fell in love with all our babies. We made good friends with a couple of them. Jamaicans outside of the resort....well, lets say they wanted any money you would give them. Overall, it was a great experience and I would highly recommend planning a trip to Jamaica.

Here's the run down of our week in Jamaica:
Thursday- flew to Dallas, TX and spent the night in a grumpy hotel
Friday- flew to Jamaica and relaxed at our resort Coyaba
Saturday- played on our beach
took Matt paddle boating in the ocean
went on a couple's Sunset cruise
had authentic Jamaican dinner with Jerk pork, bammy, callaloo, conch fritters, and a Steel band for entertainment
Sunday- played in the pool
went to Falmouth LDS branch for church
went to Dr.'s Cave beach and hung out all afternoon/early evening
Monday- drove to Ochos Rios to Dunn's River Falls
hiked and played in 900 ft (gradual downriver) waterfall
got harassed at Jamaican craft market by vendors
Tuesday- everyone but me, Jenny and babies went Scuba diving
souvenir shopped
swam/played in pool and beach
had delicious dinner at "Seafood night" at the hotel: seafood chowder, grilled shrimp,
awesome tuna, jerk crawfish, crab cakes, and callaloo mashed potatoes
- drove to Negril beach and saw Negril lighthouse
Josh nearly gave me a heart attack as he jumped off a 40 ft cliff into ocean
swam in most gorgeous ocean water I've ever been in
haggled vendors for better prices on souvenirs
Thursday- deep sea fished in the a.m. I caught a 3 ft barracuda, no one else caught
took Matt ocean kayaking and swimming
went to Luminous Lagoon at night to swim in glowing microrganisms, tough one to
Friday- woke up for an early morning drive/swim at Wiltshire community beach- this gorgeous
spot of ocean off the main road that all the locals swim in. Josh had his eye on it all week.
took family pictures around the resort
packed and went to airport with sad faces
nearly missed flight and were running all over the airport while Matt held on for dear
life in his stroller.
arrived in Dallas, TX to stay the night (this time at a nicer, happier hotel)
Saturday- arrived in SLC! we were so excited to get home and have normal food and milk, and
of course to relax. Vacations can wear you out!!!

And I couldn't write this post without a HUGE, heartfelt, neverending "THANK YOU!" to Josh's parents. Our amazing trip wouldn't have been possible without them. Thanks for all the hard work and planning, mom and dad! We love you!