Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bookcase for the Nursery

Finally finished a bookcase I’ve been working on for a couple weeks. We are pretty pleased with the results. It’s going to work out perfect for the nursery. IMG_1064


Catching Up

April and May are two very busy months for our family. It starts off with Easter, then Matt's birthday (april 13th) then my birthday (april 24th) our anniversay (april 29th) mothers day (the second sunday in May) and finally heathers birthday (may 10th). This first pic is of our family on Easter.

Matt turned 2 this year and he has a bunch of his friends over for a party. My parents own a bounce house and so we borrowed that from them and luckily it fit perfectly in our basement (the idea was to do it outside but it was way too cold).

For my birthday Heather invited a ton of friends over to a park to have cake and play kick ball. It was a surprise and it was really fun. She always does such a good job at making my birthday special.


For our anniversay we dropped Matt off at my mom's house and headed up to Logan for a weeknd getaway. It wasn't anything fancy but it was so nice to spend two fulls days just the two of us. We had a lot of fun together. We saw a movie and went antique shopping (I bought a block plane which was awesome).

Mother's day was good. Matt got Heather a facial from some spa place and I made a picture frame for a painting Matt made a couple months ago that Heather has had hanging on our magnet board.

Heather's birthday was good. All our friends were burnt out from Matt's party and my party so we had a smaller get together with family. Heather got some flowers/plants to put in the yard and then clothes, a pedicure and manicure from another spa, and then a hammock chair swing for the backyard (that finally arrived this week).

So that's what's been going on. Heather is due in a month. Can't believe we're that close already. Heather has done a ton of stuff to get the nursery all ready and cute and what not. She's started to sew quite a bit these days. She finished a valance for the nursery last week and before that she made a cute little crib skirt a blanket for Matt’s big boy bed and a cover thing for the car seat. IMG_1065