Friday, January 30, 2009

Wow, I can login at work

So, usually I don't get a chance to view anyones blog or write in our blog all that often because my company blocks 'personal' websites and when I get home from work there's too many other things to do then sit infront of a computer (I chose to sit infront of a television instead).

Anyway, I can't believe January is over. Work has been very busy the past month and Matt has become a lot more active over the past month+ so it always seems like there is something that has to be done (Heather is rolling her eyes right now thinking, 'what, you think you're busy when you get home from work, give me break!') and so it feels like time is just flying by. I'm sure you parents of multiple children get a kick out of the those of us with one babe when we think we are busy but compared to the lax life we used to live this sure is a change.

The past couple months we've been thinking that we'd sure like to get back to enjoying life a little more like we did when we were single(not single as in unmarried but single as in only the two of us) so at the end of February we've planned a get away, our first one with Matt, and are headed down to Goblin Valley and Little Wild Horse for an adventure. I'm excited and Heather is definitely ready for something other than taking care of a baby and a husband (although she'll probably have to do that during the trip anyway).

Next topic, my wife is amazing. This past month as I've looked back over the whole break my arm and become incompetent for a full month thingy, I'm amazed at how well she handled it all. I think during that stretch I whined more than Matt (luckily we had some very kid baby sitters to take care of Matt) but she never got sick of me and she always tried her best to make sure I was comfortable. I bet she loved having her family here for Christmas so that she could get a break for the first time in 7 weeks from doing EVERYTHING around the house (Thanks momma Jean, Amy, and Angel for all of that).

Dang it, I'm at work so I don't have any pics to post which means this post is exactly like the type of post my dad would write. Dang it Dang it Dang it.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I love KSL!!!

Last week I was looking on KSL Classifieds and found a super bargin. A company in Orem was getting rid of extra office furniture and I landed this desk for $25!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy 9 month Birthday, Matthew!

Matthew turned 9 months this week. We celebrated by getting him dressed up all cute and taking pictures! Ok, I'm sure it wasn't the best birthday party for him. But mom enjoyed it! Here is our boy....

Life in 2009

I forgot to say "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" I hope everyone has had a good start so far this year . Life around our house is back to normal. We partied hard around the holidays with my parents and sister's family driving out from NC to join us. We had a blast and loved being surrounded by our family. Matthew really enjoyed all the extra play-mates and attention. And Josh and I really enjoyed all the babysitters!!!

The normal daily routine is back now and its just me and Matt hanging out all day. Routines, even though they feel boring sometimes, are actually a great thing. I get a lot accomplished around the house because I follow the same routine almost everyday. I know how to allocate my time around Matt's schedule.

Bedtime routines are the most amazing things ever! Josh and I have read a lot of baby sleep books the last 9 months...(Matt hasn't been the easiest babe to put to sleep)...and they all talked about the importance of establishing and keeping bedtime routines. Doing the same thing at the same time every night helps babies realize its bedtime and it helps them to fall asleep. Well, until 2 weeks ago we've fought with Matt every night to get him to go to bed and stay asleep all night. Finally, we started making a routine around 8 pm. We get him ready for bed (bath, pj's). We read books(even though he shows no interest in listening and would rather eat the book). We turn on a Primary CD. We give him his pacifier and a blanket. We rock him for 10 minutes or so (until he is pretty drowsy and almost asleep). Then, miracle of all miracles he goes to sleep when we lay him in his crib at 8:30! If he does wake up and fuss, it is for literally 15 seconds. Then he falls right back asleep. We should have tried this sooner.

THIS IS A HUGE, LIFE CHANGING DEAL FOR US! We used to spend up to 2-2.5 hours every night putting Matt to bed. We would be grumpy and exhausted because our baby would wake up and cry an hour after we thought we had him asleep. Now, its 30 minutes total and its a happier time for Matt. He only fusses now if we are running late for his routine. I think Matt likes having a schedule. Now, Josh and I get to relax and enjoy a couple of hours together every night! Those baby book authors must know what they are talking about.

Obviously, that's the best part of 2009 for our family so far. I've started to use our recycling can this month, and its been fun to figure out all the things we can recycle. Its amazing how full it can get in a week, and it makes me regret not recycling sooner. Josh has been busy at work and often comes home with "Thinking too much" headaches. Seems like they were anxious to get him back to work after his break and the Holidays. Josh went to his ortho doctor last week. The break hasn't healed all the way yet, but the doc gave Josh full use of his arm from now on. He can start lifting things heavier than 2 lbs (even though he already was, shhhh!) and he can play sports again, as long as he is careful.

Whew, I think I'll call it quits.