Monday, February 8, 2010

A lot to catch up on!

So I haven't blogged in oh, a few months. Luckily, Josh has posted some to give you all something interesting to read. I will give you a quick summary of life since November. We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family in Virginia Beach. We had warmer weather than Utah :) and got to enjoy trips to the beach (just to watch the waves/birds and play in the sand). We had a lot of fun with everyone together.

December was busy with Christmas decorating, shopping, and all the functions and activities that seem to fill up the month. Matt loved the Christmas tree and lights. Everytime we turned them on he would say ," Wow!". So cute! He loved opening gifts and playing with all of the fun new toys.

January went by quickly. We had some family functions in preparation of sending off Josh's youngest brother, Joel, on his mission. It was awesome to go through the temple with all of the siblings and their spouses and parents! Just amazing! The sibs sang together during the "last talk" in sacrament for Joel. As did the cousins. So there were some practices for that. It was so sweet to see all the little guys (even Matt, although he just stood there) and gal singing "I Hope They Call me on a Mission". Joel is officially a missionary now and reported to the MTC just last week. He heads out to Ventura, CA in 2 more weeks. We are excited for him!

Matt has been playing with his friend Michael during some doctor visits.

Matt has had a double ear infection for 3 weeks now and had a bad allergic reaction to one of the antibiotics. POOR GUY!
The cake for Joel's open house. I love chocolate and peanut butter together!

Matt playing at Children's Musuem with Taylor Booth. We got to visit with our friends (the Booths) while they visited family around Christmas.

Josh is really enjoying his wood working hobby. This is the first stages of a movable work table for his saw and router.

Oh, by the way :) WE ARE PREGNANT! I've been postponing blogging lately mostly because of that fact. I like to nap during Matt's naps these days to get some extra rest in. I am 21 weeks along, so over halfway done already! I feel great, other than getting really hungry or really tired. We found out last week we are having a GIRL!!!! We are so dang excited for another little one. Matt doesn't quite understand yet, but he is really cute with little babies. He is going to be a great older brother! And, duh, guess you want to know when to expect this new arrival....
JUNE 20!
We have inherited an awesome fish tank from Dad Whitmer. It came complete with rocks, plants and a cute frog figure. We just had to supply water and fish! We have 3 platys right now. Matt (and I ) absolutely love it!!! It is so fun and relaxing to go over and watch them swim around. The first thing Matt says when we go see him in the morning is "FISH!" Matt even has their names memorized: Mickey Mouse, Lola and Prince. So fun to have a pet.

Sorry you had to read all that! I'll be better at posting more frequently from here on out :)