Monday, September 28, 2009

Matt got stung by a BEE!

Yesterday morning Matthew and I were out planting some perrenials when I heard a buzzing noise close by. All of the sudden the buzzing stops and Matt starts screaming. He was rubbing his right eye so much at first I thought the stupid bee stung his eyeball...but the sting was really on the inside of his eyebrow (next to his nose). We get inside the house and I try to put some ice on it, a few mintues later this is what it looked like...SCARY!It was red and swollen and he was a sad boy most of the afternoon. Well, this morning I go into to get him from his crib and I expected to see the swelling gone down....but to our dismay it had gotten worse! It is so swollen Matt has a hard time seeing where he's going. There's been a lot of bumping into things today. The redness and swelling has moved on to his left eye now. The doc had a look and gave him some antihistamine and said to keep an eye on it in case it turns into an infection. So that's what we are doing today...keeping an eye on Matt's eyes. I feel so sad for my little guy! He seems happy and fine today despite the puffiness. He sure is tough. I would need constant cuddles and attention if it were me!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Swing and the Tree

Took Matt out to swing the other day and I jumped up and grabbed a branch because sometimes I get bored just pushing him. Well, turns out he finds me grabbing tree branches extremely funny so I thought I'd share.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Matt's many faces

So we were trying to take some family photos on Sunday and Matt was pretty hilarious. He was not really patient or interested in smiling for the camera.... here are somre cute examples.

We did get a couple pics of his adorable smile.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

FuN iN cIrCLeS

Matt discovered turning around in circles today. It is cute to watch him turn around and laugh at himself for doing something fun. It seems like there is a new discovery everyday for this curious boy.