Friday, March 20, 2009

Too funny not to post

We've set up Matt's pack'n'play so he can play outside when we are working in the yard. (Hooray warm weather!) So Matt was playing in it and thought it was hilarious to push his face up to the netted side. The result is hilarious looking faces captured on camera! Also, Matt got some new big boy pajamas that look so adorable on him. ENJOY!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Sick Boy

Well, Matt is finally recovering from a long month of sickness. He got some kind of cold-RSV-bug this time last month. He had fevers and a pretty bad case of chest congestion. It was getting better slowly, until this time last week. His cough started sounding deeper and wetter and he started wheezing! We woke up several times Friday night and eventually Saturday morning Matt was running another fever, 101.5 degrees. I got dressed quickly and threw a coat on Matt and we went to beat the crowd at the Instacare. The doctor listened for a while to his lungs and then threw me this curve ball---- Matt had mild pneumonia! He also was wheezing from what he called "viral induced asthma". We got his first prescription ever for antibiotics and came home to cuddle and rest with him. I felt so horrible that my little guy was so sick, and that I've never experienced that kind of illness before so I didn't know how to relate 100%.

Matt slept alot that weekend and was still grumpy and fussy Monday, so we headed into his pediatrician's office. Dr. V listened to his chest and heard the wheezing but not the wet crackles of pneumonia (the antibiotics must have kicked that infection swiftly). Then he checked out his ears. And I was hit with another curve ball---Matt had a double ear infection now. My goodness, how much can one little babe suffer! My heart started hurting again for my little trooper. So Dr. V upped the antibiotic dose and sent us home to wait and watch. That night, Matt got a blessing by his amazing dad and Grandpa. He slept through the entire night Monday and woke up Tuesday happier and more energetic than he has been in a couple weeks. He loves the antibiotics (Augmentin for those of you who are curious). However, the medicine has given him diarrhea which has led to his worse case of diaper rash to date. That whole situation is looking better each day. Thankfully, I can now say Matt is on the road to recovery.

Something that just popped into my head about all of this is that I am blessed in more ways than I'll ever know. I know my son has been through some terrible illnesses and pains, but it could have been worse. I am blessed that he has a strong body capable of recovering. I am blessed to have access to medical attention. I am blessed to have a loving husband who would just hold Matt on the couch and let him watch cartoons and fall asleep with him, so I could rest too. I am blessed that Josh is a worthy Priesthood holder and can give blessings to help heal in time of sickness. I am blessed to know that our Savior Jesus Christ atoned for us and in that process experienced our pains and sorrows. That knowledge is dear to my heart. It allows me to pray and feel his love for me and my family. It helps me to know that even though I've never suffered pneumonia and I can't relate to the pain Matt was in, Christ knows and is there to succor us in our time of need.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Videos of the Boy

So, rumor has it that Gma and Gpa in some other state would enjoy a few more videos of Matt. Well, here you go. Don't mind the bare hairy leg in the first one, I really do have clothes on.
So here is video number one. This was last Saturday as well when Matt and I were home alone. He was standing next to the couch and wanted to come over and get the remote and started on his way over so I thought I ought to try and get it on video. In the video he's going after some cereal.

This next one if kind of funny. Last year Heather got me this head massager thingy for christmas. I saw it on our dresser and wondered if Matt would like a head massage.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Matt and the Backyard

Well, Heather went to work this past weekend so it was Matt and I home alone. Those days are always nice because if he gets upset he can't go crying to mom, after about 15 minutes I think he realizes its just me and him so he deals with getting whatever comfort he needs from me.

Anyway, it was a somewhat warmer day so we decided to go out and play in the backyard, well, more like on the back patio. He loved to sit there and watch the cars go by. Here's a little clip of him enjoying his outside time.

Also, here are some pics of people besides Matt as it seems like he's the only one who gets any love on the blog (okay, so he's in the pictures too)

Matt and his lovely momma

Matt and dad

This is my brother Joel, we took some senior pics for him this past week and this is one of the ones that we liked.