Friday, September 30, 2011

Go Rockies!

(The Marv Jenson 3-4 yr old division that is.) Matt is playing t-ball this fall with his pal Brenton. They are really cute while sitting and waiting to bat (usually this involves a lot of grass picking). And Matt gets so excited when its his turn to bat. He has hit a few coach pitch balls but mostly has success off the tee. He runs the bases and listens to instructions (mostly). His coach is very involved, practices throwing and tries to improve their batting stance. He also does little cheers and chants between innings. Then there is the matter of playing outfield….. Matt gets really bummed when he doesn’t get to the ball first, as to be expected. He likes to make several trips off the field each inning, to come say hi or try to sit in my chair. But overall, its really exciting and fun for us to do something as a family that is centered on Matt. He gets pretty pumped on game days!IMG_0010IMG_0012IMG_0017IMG_0022IMG_0025IMG_0026IMG_0029IMG_0033IMG_0037IMG_0044

P.S. Don’t you love the way Matt insists on resting/wearing his hat on the top of his head (2 pictures up)!

Virginia Beach Vacation

We were able to go back to Virginia Beach for a week at the end of August to visit my family……and be visited by Hurricane Irene at the same time. We had a great day at the beach on Friday, as Irene was moving up the U.S. coast. The kids loved the sand and Matt especially loved running into the ocean. Saturday, Irene came to visit. It was mostly just rain and some intense wind. At one point during the Hurricane, Josh was sitting in a camping chair on the front porch holding a sleeping Matt. (We had lost power by that point and it was hot and humid!) It was also my mom’s 60th birthday that day. We had lots of family there and it was fun to celebrate that milestone all together!



We also went to the Norfolk Zoo (after hubbies had to fly home for work and after Irene had passed on by). The kids loved all the animals and Emma was really fascinated with the giraffes and elephants.IMG_2570IMG_2573IMG_2577IMG_2581IMG_2586IMG_2593It was a really cool zoo. The animals were in habitats with other species, kind of like they would be in nature. IMG_2597IMG_2601IMG_2610IMG_2614IMG_2616IMG_2623

It was so great to see Angel, Donnovan, Jazzy, Betty and Brenda. We had a lot of fun playing rook…even when our lives were on the line during Irene (jk) . Like always, we ate like kings and queens while we were there. Southerners sure now how to cook!Thanks Nana and Papa for a GREAT visit and a super FUN time. We love and miss you everyday!