Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Matt Updates

Here are some random things about Matt....

He liked to be in the snow a few weeks ago, but didn't like to touch it. He now can say "shnooow".
He developed some weird rash on his stomach this week. The doctor called it erythema multiforme....a sort of allergic reaction to a viral infection. Its getting worse but he doesn't seem bothered by it.

He is trying to bring carboard box hats into style :)

P.S. He didn't have pants on in these pictures because he refused to put them on this morning. He kicked and said "NNNOOO" over and over.

He sure is fun these days. He can communicate more with me and likes to help me do whatever task I am working on. I love my MATT!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween, Part 2

We had a fun Halloween with Matt last night. It was his first year of trick or treating. We got dressed up and went to our neighbors to show off our cute little boy. He quickly figured out that when you go up to a door you knock (while saying "knock knock", he never really got the trick or treat saying down) and when someone holds out a bowl you reach in with your whole fist and grab as much candy as possible! We had to take a few pieces out of his hand each time just so the other trick or treaters would have some candy later on.
So, drumroll please..... This year as a family we dressed up as the Teletubbies (thanks to the Fords for the awesome costumes!). Josh was the purple one, Tinkie Winkie. I was the red one, Po. Matt was the little baby in the sunshine that always laughs and giggles. Well, we got lots of strange looks and a good bit of chuckles from passerbys. It was fun to drive around in the costume and see other drivers do double takes. We went over to our friends, the Smiths, for a yummy dinner and more trick or treating. Their little kiddos had cute costumes and Matt really liked playing with them (and all their cool toys!). Then we came home to answer doorbell rings and pass out candy for another 30 mins or so. All in all, a fun day with the family.