Sunday, November 28, 2010

Latest carving and our new front yard

Finished up my latest carving yesterday. It’s a pinecone Christmas ornament carved from pine (I think). I think it turned out pretty well.




Also, we had the pine tree in our front yard removed about two weeks ago. It’s nice to finally have a front yard to play in. Here is a before and after and then a couple pics of the process.





Friday, November 12, 2010


altThis year's Halloween was a lot of fun for us. Matt got to be Buzz Lightyear, thanks to his pal down the street. Emma was a darling flower. We got to dress up for Toddler Time at the South Jordan Library, Josh's work party, and of course trick or treating. Matt really got into character and would fly around and shoot people with his laser beam, all the time doing sound effects and saying Buzz phrases. Its so cute to see him love characters so much and to get so excited about them. He also liked the candy :)alt

On Halloween, we got a visit from Princess Peach and her bomb. Becca and Katie stopped by to say Hi, and their costumes were the best I saw this year. We had a yummy Jack-o-lantern pizza with our friends the Smiths and our kiddos hit the rainy streets to beg for candy. They lasted 2 circles.

Happy Belated Halloween!


(Josh’s mad carving skills….wood, pumpkins its all the same)