Sunday, March 24, 2013

Some amusing tales (and pics)

Emma has been falling asleep in the most unusual places lately! I thought I’d share our findings as Josh and I are turning in for the night.




She is just resting in that last photo Smile

She really likes to fall asleep with her face on the tile, which is always cold! Also, there are usually a pile of books under or near her once she’s finally asleep.

Emma is going through a mommy phase right now, and always wants mom to do, hold, help her.  It can make a mom feel quite loved Smile


This guy is into taking pictures now. He still loves science “es-perri-ments”, we made an Ivory soap cloud last week and he wants to have a science themed birthday party….a kid after my own heart! He loves going to preschool and is reading now!

We are excited for the warmer weather and have already been on bike rides and to parks. We visited BYU last week and it was fun to show the kids where we went to school. While Josh was speaking to an engineering class, I took the kids to some of the places I spent a lot of time at….the science buildings! Matt said at one point, “I want to be a scientist and do experiments in a lab.” I love it!IMG_3128IMG_3130IMG_3131

They needed a break from walking around campus Smile


I love my cute kids!

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