Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Been Around The World and Back

Josh and I had the incredible opportunity to travel to the Middle East and Europe for the past two weeks with the BYU EMBA program. We flew to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for 5 days, visited Abu Dhabi, then flew to Istanbul for 5 days, and flew to Madrid for another 4 days with a side trip to Toledo, Spain.

It was amazing to see so many great sights, see other cultures and try different foods. Each country had a different vibe. Overall, I think Dubai was the coolest visit. So without further ado, here are the pictures.





It was a great getaway with my hubby. Its always so great to spend so much time together and have the energy for one another instead of being drained by kiddies all day and only having 20 minutes a day to catch up. Thanks to all our family who helped us go together on the trip. We love you!


Donnovan and Angela said...

Thank you for sharing your adventure with us. I love the pictures!!! So so glad you and Josh had some one on one time with each other.

Chrissy said...

So jealous, but so glad you guys had fun! Can't wait to see pictures!